Data-driven Projects based on the Continuous Monitoring principle, smart Business Analytics solutions for SME+ Entrepreneurs and Audit & Other Assurance services aimed at maximizing knowledge sharing.

We use the latest data analysis technology. We have invested in a ConeyDataFactory, our own Analytics Platform, but also a Platform on which we can offer Data Analysis As A Service.

To support our data-driven approach, we also sell data analysis and process mining software solutions (data engines and desktop) to companies that want to invest in an Analytics Platform.
 We also provide data-driven training and workshops for professionals. Teamwork is the success factor for Coney.


What we do:




Every company generates data. Our analysts can help you to turn this data into valuable insights!



Getting started with data-analysis? We deliver data-analysis, process mining and GRC software.


Coney’s ‘Discover’ offers the possibility to get acquainted with Business Analytics and Process Mining by Coney for a set fee. This fee depends on the complexity and the amount of Discover analysis. With a lead time of about two weeks, our experts give you a realistic impression of what you may expect from Coney, using your own data for the analysis.

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