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About us

Openness, knowledge sharing, simplicity and innovation are core values that provide insight into the DNA of Coney. We pursue these core values in cooperation with our customers, our partners and our people. In today’s world of rapid change, ever-changing rules and increasing digitalization, using solutions that provide continuous insight into what is happening around performance, achievements and challenges is inevitable.

Data-analysis and process mining are used in almost every sector. More and more business managers, financials, business owners and auditors recognize the power of these techniques. Discover Your Data is our starting point. We work with software that accelerate our services and solutions and never create burdens on existing IT-landscapes.


Discover your data!

We serve customers that differ in size, shape and character. However, when it comes to the principle that data analysis is a powerful tool than all our customers are the same!

Data analysis runs like a thread through our services. We sell the most innovative data analysis software solutions that are used in various analysis projects and we are experts in the issue ongoing monitoring. It does not matter how we support you, what motivates us is always the same: working together positively, sharing knowledge and delivering top performances.

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