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Migration Analytics

When a company gets involved in an acquisition, a reorganization or an upgrade to a new system, it is extremely important that all data is migrated successfully and safely.

Coney has gained a lot of experience in the entire migration process; the migration itself, the synchronization during the process and the reconciliation after the migration is completed.

  • Safely and completely migrate existing databases to a new environment
  • Be informed with milestones and deadlines during the migration process
  • The migrated data is reconciliated before the new environment is activated

Who should start with Migration Analytics?

Migration Analytics is the perfect solution for organizations that are willing to safely migrate data to a new environment for whatever reason. For example: an organization moving from legacy systems to a SAP or Oracle ERP System.

For further information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us! We will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your situation.




Together we create up a project plan for the entire project. This plan includes an estimation of hours needed and a detailed schedule with milestones and deadlines.


Once the plan has been approved our data-analysts will start migrating all the data to the new environment. During the migration process we will continuously keep you informed of the developments.


When the migration is completed our analysts will check whether the data has been migrated successfully. After that, we will evaluate the entire plan with you.

Data Factory

De Coney Data Factory is onze interne productie omgeving waarin wij uw data op een veilige manier inlezen en analyseren. De uitkomsten van onze analyses kunnen wij op verschillende manieren met u delen. In onze DataFactory maken we gebruik van data-analyse en visualisatie software van ACL, Lavastorm, Tableau en Process Mining Solution. Heeft u een specifieke informatiebehoefte? Wilt u dagelijks, wekelijks of maandelijks rapportages? Wij komen graag bij u langs om uw wensen te bespreken. Wij hanteren een transparant prijsmodel, afhankelijk van het aantal analyses.