Data-driven Due-diligence Support

Investing in a company is not a challenge, but successful investing is. A complete picture of a company is necessary when making investment decisions, but is only feasible when data analysis is applied in the research process.

Coney helps companies by providing direct insight into business risks, historical performance and quality of the internal control framework on computer, tablet and smartphone.

Data Analyse

Wij ontsluiten de relevante data automatisch en periodiek uit jouw ICT-bronnen en nemen al het ingewikkelde data-analyse werk voor onze rekening.

Data Analysis

We automatically and periodically unlock the relevant data from your ICT-sources and do all the complicated data analysis work.

Direct Insight

View your insights on your computer, tablet or phone on a dashboard with data visualizations. You get direct insight into, for example, turnover and (gross and net) margins per customer, product, sales employee, region and service.

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