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Data3sixty Analyze

The deck for data integration and analysis. Data is of great importance to companies. Simple data extraction, handy data wrangling, handy visualisations and integration with Python are the key words. Coney has the solution for data analysts with Data3SixtyTM. Intuitive, innovative and fair priced.

Data3Sixty ™ Analysis combines data integration and analysis into one solution, enabling quick and valuable insights without compromise!

  • Quickly gain a visual insight into complex data
  • Identify cost savings by analyzing inefficiencies in operational processes
  • Gain visual insight into transaction flows by making connections between activities transparent

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Data3Sixty™ Desktop

Purchasing Data3Sixty Analyze is ideal for professionals who want to invest in a sustainable solution. When choosing to start with this software it is important that sufficient time and manpower is available to bring Data3Sixty Analyze to a success.

Knowing if Data3Sixty Analysis is the right solution for you? Download the free desktop version here.


For who is Data3Sixty Analyze

Data3Sixty makes it easy to extract data from any desired system. All users can collaborate in this, this promotes communication and accelerates analysis.

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