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Coney tax experts can, in all cases, take care of tax returns in an efficient way and where possible save money for you. In addition, we check all the attacks that you have received so that you are certain that they are correct and you do not pay too much. If necessary, we submit a notice of objection within the applicable time limits or we will conduct a tax procedure for you. A tax audit can be seen with confidence.

Coney tax experts is always aware of the latest changes in tax law and has a broad expertise. This allows us to provide you with sound advice and support in drafting and submitting declarations. Coney tax experts are there for you as a private individual, entrepreneur, director-major shareholder (DGA) as well as for private limited companies and non-profit institutions.

If you do not want to be bounced back by the Tax Authorities, then you are in the right team at Coney tax experts!

  • Clear insight into tax position
  • Part of the broader Coney Accountant team
  • Robust service by experienced team, focused on fiscal knowledge sharing
  • Short lines, fast contact


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