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Interested in the power of Business Analytics services or Process Mining, but want to experience it’s strength before starting with one of our data tools and / or services?

Coney’s ‘Discover’ offers the possibility to get acquainted with Business Analytics services and Process Mining by Coney for a set fee. This fee depends on the complexity and the amount of Discover analysis. With a lead time of about two weeks, our experts give you a realistic impression of what you may expect from Coney, using your own data for the analysis.

After the project we evaluate the results together. After this you decide whether or not you want to use Business Analytics or Process Mining!

  • Discover Business Analytics services and Process Mining for a set fee
  • Gain a realistic impression of Coney’s services in about two weeks
  • Using your own company data for the analysis
  • After finishing the project you decide if you want to continue using Business Analytics services or Process Mining!


‘Discover’ is available for Business Analytics services and Process Mining. Click on ‘more information’ below to find out more about these services.



The Management Reporting Dashboard is tailor-made and replaces the traditional Excel reports.


Entrepreneurs focus on a number of important ‘performance indicators’. In recent years, various analysis have been made for a large number of companies regarding Sales & Margins, Turnover Leaks and Cash Flow..


More and more data can be accessed through so-called APIs from these platforms. We build sector-specific solutions based on API access. An example is Easyflex, a solution for the flexible work industry.


Discover, analyze and improve business processes with Process Mining Analytics.

The process:

The average turnaround time of the process below is about two weeks. After this process you can decide for yourself whether you want to continue using Business Analytics or Process Mining.



Before the project starts, we come along to map the current IT environment so that our experts can determine which technical measures have to be taken.


During a joint workshop we discuss the expectations of both parties, we explain the project and decide which analyzes will be carried out.


Coney’s data analysts get to work on the analyzes that were made during the kick-off. During this process we keep you informed of all developments.


At the end of the project we come together again to discuss the results, evaluate the entire project and compare expectations with final experiences.

Data Factory

De Coney Data Factory is onze interne productie omgeving waarin wij uw data op een veilige manier inlezen en analyseren. De uitkomsten van onze analyses kunnen wij op verschillende manieren met u delen. In onze DataFactory maken we gebruik van data-analyse en visualisatie software van ACL, Lavastorm, Tableau en Process Mining Solution. Heeft u een specifieke informatiebehoefte? Wilt u dagelijks, wekelijks of maandelijks rapportages? Wij komen graag bij u langs om uw wensen te brespreken. Wij hanteren een transparant prijsmodel, afhankelijk van het aantal analyses.