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Coney has been known for more than 10 years as an innovative accountancy firm that offers added value to entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who are not mandatory and who attach importance to relevant business information, instead of taking stock of the balance once a year, can now also contact Coney under the iAccountancy label.

iAccountancy is a new step in services and advice for SME entrepreneurs. An amalgamation of Data driven, data Science, Accounting, Storytelling and Visualization.

We do not only supply financial statements with a composition statement and the tax return, but we carry out a monthly or quarterly check for your organization. Here we provide information about the top 5 of most relevant topics for your organization. Think of turnover per article group or market, return requests on goods, margin per item (group) or customer or the number of billable hours per employee.

    • More than just financial statements, 
    • Management information supports you as an entrepreneur in making important business decisions. With iAccountancy our experience integrates in the field of compiling annual accounts, tax advice and business analytics for the benefit of the SME entrepreneur. We believe in the power of discovering trends, achievements, exceptions and risks with the help of modern tools, 
    • Smart insights for smart entrepreneurs.



    Openness, knowledge sharing, simplicity and innovation are in Coney’s DNA. You can also contact us for training, tools and inspiration sessions in the field of data analysis and process analysis. Discover Your Data is our starting point.


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