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Internal control, internal control, simply “in control” as a solid foundation for a well-organized company.

Constant changes in laws and regulations, market developments and technology, the world around us, unexpected events such as the Coronavirus, require Medium and Large + companies to be better in control of their risks, performance and business processes.

This requires continuous monitoring, we call this ongoing monitoring, and follow-up based on concrete indications that a number of things are not going well.

With our data analysis, process mining and data visualization technology, we can assess 100% of the relevant transaction and process flows together with the company’s team.

For example, we assess turnover processes, production processes, inventory processes and purchasing processes. Based on internal standards, the so-called internal ‘business rules’, we can see in full where the deviations are. What is going well, what is not going well.

In addition, we help companies with the “data driven” design of “in control” systems. Either, provide periodic insight into which internal checks & balances really work, or make transparent where the company fails.

Think of alert systems around critical transaction flows, insight into financial performance and business processes.

Based on our experience with process mining, we started this technique in 2011, we also know how we can use this technique in a valuable way to identify bottlenecks and process improvements. Process Mining takes photos of business processes and makes 100% transparent what goes well and where there are question marks or points for improvement. The photos are based on ‘event logs’ that are stored in IT systems (if this option exists in IT systems of course).

The company is in the lead, we think and help. We already do this as auditors in the context of the audit of the financial statements, but also standalone as a critical sounding board and specialist in the ‘in control’ issue of SMEs.

Every year we assess the internal control environment of more than 60 organizations, in all sectors, national or international.

Our goal is simple: inspire companies and teams to get more out of their own data and thus gain a better insight into their own “In Control” systems. Continuous tightening and improvement of ‘in control’ increases the profitability of companies and the quality of processes.


        The company is in the lead, we think and help.

        The goal is to manage smartly, gain insight into performance, risks and controls.

        We always do this in collaboration with the company and team members and is an extension of our natural advisory function as external auditors. Naturally, we also apply our knowledge and data-driven mindset to medium and large + companies that already have another audit firm for auditing the annual accounts. It is also great to work together in this triangle.

        In control projects consist of knowledge-sharing sessions (workshops), the re-organization of data-driven “In Control Framework” or the sharpening (reuse) of existing internal controls. Our 3.0 team consists of experienced auditors, data analysts and internal control professionals. We take the Coney technology with you, or help companies with the purchase and implementation of the right technology.

        We teach entrepreneurs to be “in control” in a data-driven way.

        These are projects that we build in logical steps, the focus is on timely monitoring of risks, performance and functioning of internal controls and improving and tightening them up.

        Red Alerts & Transaction level exceptions are the outcomes of “in control” systems.

        Monitoring, Cause analyzes and Follow-up go hand in hand. Data driven “in control”.

        We see a transformation from manual checks & balances to data-driven “in control”. As far as we are concerned, companies are using more and more data analysis to get a faster, better grip on the risks, performance and functioning of internal control.

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