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Coney’s DNA is made up of; discover, share insights and knowledge, drive and collaborate. We do this based on our passion for data analysis, process mining and data visualization.

In recent years we have invested in a flexible, experienced data analysis team that can work well with a variety of professionals. We are always looking for answers in the data together. We serve a variety of clients, our team members quickly become part of the customer team.

We are not a contract worker. We work from our own DNA, with Coney data analysts who we have trained intensively, equipped with the latest data analysis technology and who have been trained internally. Within the Coney team we have knowledge of Data Analysis, Process Mining, Machine Learning and we focus on developing realistic Artificial Intelligence applications that are of added value.

We work in two ways with clients who are looking for data analysis support.

We have set up our own ConeyDataFactory. This is the Coney Data Analysis platform. In this environment we use the latest data analysis software and we have set up secure client environments.

We can unburden our clients with the process of data disclosure, data validations, data wrangling (preparations), building actual data analysis scripts, visualizations and of course relevant reports. The latter can for example via a Tableau Dashboard or we connect to the desired reporting format of our clients.

We work out the “What and How and with What Frequency question” regarding the desired data analyzes together with our clients in advance. We have sourced a large number of data analysis projects in recent years, ranging from formal controls for health insurers to continuous monitoring solutions for business service providers.

There are also clients who would like us to be able to offer flexible support within current projects, at customer location, with the help of Coney data analysts.

This is no problem for our team, one day a week, a month or a few days, we adapt and become part of our clients’ teams. We bring our data analysis knowledge, we can bring our data analysis tools or use the solutions of our clients. Our DNA remains the same: collaboration, knowledge sharing, data drive, sharing of insights and knowledge.

What Services
We apply our insourcing and co-sourcing way of working within the services around Continuous Monitoring, Business Analytics and Analytical Support for Professionals.