Minit Process Mining software makes processes transparent in a reliable way. For example, topics such as how transactions go through processes, lead times of the various steps and tasks within a process become clear. Furthermore, the goals of the process become clear as well as which employees are truly involved in the process.

With the help of Minit Process Mining we can not only determine what the ‘normal’ process is, but also what the deviations are in regards to the ideal process

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  • Suited for every company; from SMEs to multinationals.
  • Analysing processes based on hard data
  • Analysing millions of events quickly and with 100% reliablity
  • Direct link to many data sources, such as Exact, SAP and Salesforce

Minit Process Mining

Why Minit Process Mining is the solution:


Discover the powerful possibilities of this robust process mining tool

Discovering Processes

Visualise the entire process, apply filters and zoom in on the most important details.

Optimize Visually

Identify and visualize events that deviate from the usual process.

Visueel Optimaliseren

Identificeer en visualiseer gebeurtenissen die afwijken van het gebruikelijke procesverloop.

Sharing Outcomes

Export analysis in the form of videos, XML files or CSV files in order to share outcomes quickly and in high quality.

Validate Data

Prevent waste of time by validating your imported data immediately with the built-in validation tool

Data Valideren

Voorkom tijdverspilling door jouw geïmporteerde data direct te valideren met de ingebouwde validatietool

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