Process Mining Solution

This process mining software makes processes understandable to everyone. It provides insights into how transactions flow through your processes, the duration of the different tasks within a process and which employees are involved in the process.

In addition, this software can help you to maximize the efficiency by comparing your actual processes to the ideal processes and identifying deviations between them.

More information about this software can be found in the product brochure. Please contact us directly for any questions or a quotation request.

  • Compare achievements between departments and employees based on factual data
  • Discover defects in processes before deviations escalate into problems
  • Track the effectiveness of changes by comparing the new situation to the baseline.
  • Verify whether regulations and rules are met

Who should use Process Mining Solution?

Purchasing Process Mining Solution is ideal for professionals who want to invest in a sustainable solution. When you choose to start with this software, it is very important that sufficient time and resources are available to make process mining a success.

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