Auditing of your financial statements supported by data analysis, that is Auditing 3.0. Our audit approach is centered around your business processes, transactions and people.

We work with entrepreneurs and finance directors who share our principles. We believe our profession is beautiful because we can provide value for our customers every day by giving insight into what is going well and what could be improved.

  • More than just auditing of your financial statements: Using data analysis to give meaning to the numbers
  • Continuous monitoring to gain insight into risks, trends, performance and exceptions
  • Modern team consisting of IT-auditors, data-analysts, chartered accountants and everything in between

For who is Auditing3.0?

Auditing 3.0 is perfect for organizations that see value in the use of data analysis in the auditing of financial statements. Organizations that do not see an annual audit as a ‘must’, but believe in the power of using data analysis to discover risks, trends, performance and exceptions. Most importantly, Auditing 3.0 is for organizations that are looking for a positive collaboration.

Are you the entrepreneur who can relate to this mindset and are you looking for a new accountant? Then we would very much want to meet you for an introductory conversation!

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In short:

For our auditing activities we use data analysis software. These tools not only perform the mandatory auditing procedures faster, but also dig deeper into your figures and provide and visualize relevant insights into risks, trends, performance and exceptions.

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Not just once a year, but once a quarter, month or even week will we analyze business processes, internal (IT) control measures and transactions. This ensures that you are always up-to-date with your performance numbers and that you will not have encounter any surprises at the end of the year.

To ensure that you can interpret and understand all the results of our analyzes, we organize various interactive workshops about risk, performance and KPI’s.

Fair rates, a robust number of hours and high quality service. Those are the terms of Auditing 3.0. Our service is personal and customer-focused and our goals are to share knowledge and always be innovative.

Our people are IT-auditors, data-analysts, chartered accountants and everything in between. It does not matter in what way we support our customers, what motivates us is always the same.

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