Customer Analytics

What are the needs and want of my customers? Why are the results of my marketing efforts so inadequate? Who is my target audience? Are my customers loyal?

Do these questions sound familiar to you? Well, you are not alone! Research has shown that 80% of companies have no insight into the needs, wants and behaviour of their customers.

The main goals of Customer Analytics are to increase the customer lifetime value, increase the loyalty of your customers and decrease the churn rate.

  • Reduce churn rate by recognizing potentially leaving customers at an early stage
  • Increase loyalty by conducting personal up-selling and cross-selling campaigns
  • Increase insight into your customers’ opinion about your organization by using social sentiment analysis
  • Predict customers’ behaviour using predictive analytics

Who should start with Customer Analytics?

Customer analytics is effective for every organization with an up-to-date customer database that wants to better understand the needs and wants of their customers.

If you want customized advice on how Customer Analytics can benefit your organization or have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will discuss your situation with you as soon as possible.

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Our process:



Before the Customer Analytics process starts we will come together to discuss each other’s expectations and goals.

Data exchange

We will search for the most effective and secure way to exchange data from your customer database to our analytical servers. Coney takes great care in protecting the confidentiality of your data.


Data-analysts of Coney will start analyzing your customer data. During this process we will keep you informed of all developments.


The results will be shared and discussed with you in person and clear and we will present clear and realistic recommendations for your organization.

Data Factory

De Coney Data Factory is onze interne productie omgeving waarin wij uw data op een veilige manier inlezen en analyseren. De uitkomsten van onze analyzes kunnen wij op verschillende manieren met u delen. In onze DataFactory maken we gebruik van data-analyse en visualisatie software van ACL, Lavastorm, Tableau en Process Mining Solution.

Specifieke informatiebehoefte? Dagelijks, wekelijks of maandelijks rapportages ontvangen? Wij komen graag langs om uw wensen te bespreken. Wij hanteren een transparant prijsmodel, afhankelijk van het aantal analyzes.


Want to know more?

Would you like to receive more information about the possibilities, implementation or rates of Customer Analytics or request a non-committal quotation? Please let us know and we will get back to you as soon as possible!