Ongoing changes in regulations like Corporate Governance Codes and SOX are pressuring companies to be in complete control of their risks, performances and operations. Not complying with these regulations can have serious consequences ranging from large penalties to severe damage to company image.

Despite these possible consequences, most companies still rely on manual checks to be ‘in-control’ of their business. Yet, more and more companies are now turning to data-analytics to have complete control.

Vista Point provides our customers with a data-driven continuous monitoring platform. This platform consists of a collection of scripts, reports and dashboards that teams can consult to regain complete control.

  • Regain complete control with a continuous monitoring platform that shows the risks, performances and operations of your business
  • Prevent penalties and damage to company image by complying with ongoing changes in regulations like SOX
  • Stop relying on manual checks and use data-analytics to perform these checks automatically


First of all, we will get together to discuss your current control framework.

Next, we will create a plan in which we determine the risks that can be monitored using data-driven controls. These controls will automatically analyze the data from your ERP-systems and other relevant IT-sources. We partner with ACL Analytics who have developed an ‘Continuous Control Platform’.

Finally, we will share our ‘Vista Point’ mindset with you by training your team in using data-driven control technology. After your Continuous Control Platform is up and running we are always available to provide your team with the necessary support on how to keep your control framework up-to-date.


With control frameworks often comes the obligation of compliance and transparency, which requires demonstration of the operational effectiveness of your control framework.

To be certain that our customers successfully comply with this obligation, we always ensure that the necessary mindset is shared with the internal control team, the internal audit team and or external audit stakeholders by: 

  • Providing assurance stakeholders with a data-driven audit plan that is aligned to the continuous control platform
  • Training stakeholders in testing of the key controls (please note that the nature of testing data-driven controls is significantly different from testing manual controls)