Private Equity & Due Diligence Analytics

Can I use smart analytics to make a better investment decision and just walk away from a deal? Does data analyzes recognize investments that won’t perform? Can I make my due diligence activities smarter by using modern data analytic techniques?

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  • Data analysis support when making investment decisions
  • Data driven mind set, focussing on facts, with clear understanding concerning achieved results
  • Implement clear data controls and dashboard after investment decisions
  • Using modern technology and have access to a broader assurance and due diligence experience

Private equity

Both private Equity companies and managements are mostly interested in understanding the risks, objectives, KPI’s, remarkable transactions and about the operation of internal control measures. In order to be able to be in control during investment projects or for clear communication towards management it is essential all information is reliable.

Leave one off analyzes for periodic automated analyzes by means of Continuous Monitoring. In our opinion successful ongoing monitoring including close-to-real-time reporting which comply with the demands concerning internal accountability, will be the responsibility of both the Private Equity company and management board.

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Due diligence

The challenge of Investing in a company is not the investment itself, but choosing the right initiatives to make it a success! Due Diligence gives you an insight into the company’s risks and achievements, the quality of the internal control framework and the possible opportunities. Meaning: proper due diligence is partly looking back, partly assessing current situation and partly looking forward.

By means of using our data analyzes techniques we get to the essence of the issue quickly and are able to produce clear and understandable analyzes and visualisations of exceptions. We work closely together with corporate finance teams or directly with companies who want to use data analyzes as a part of their due diligence activities.

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