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ACL™ Robotics is specifically designed to support audit, risk and compliance professionals to analyze large amounts of data quickly and easily.

This software (automatically) recognizes exceptions and deviations that expose your business to risks. The ACL™ DirectLink™ add-on for SAP ERP makes it possible to perform analyzes directy on SAP-data.

More information about this software can be found on the website of ACL Robotics. For a quotation or other questions, please contact us directly!

  • Automatically import and analyze data from different systems
  • Analyze large amounts of data quickly and easily
  • Make use of existing scripts to perform hundreds of analyzes
  • Analyze your SAP data directly by using the ACL Direct Link add-on for SAP ERP



Visualizations & amp; reporting

Get immediate insight into risks and compliance by always analyzing 100% of your data and report results in real time.

Generate real-time KPIs, KRIs and other important measures, so that your organization can respond quickly to risks and opportunities.

Create visualizations that emphasize patterns in data.

Design self-service dashboards and reports for internal or external stakeholders.

Put your data in dashboards to view the underlying data behind your visualizations.

Automation and workflows

Automate the entire analysis lifecycle from generating and cleaning up data, analyzing, and reporting up to and including acting on results.

Automatically notify key stakeholders when critical thresholds are reached.

Fast address management with automated test and follow-up workflows.

Set thresholds for KPIs or KRIs that send automatic notifications when exceeded.

Create and activate questionnaires to track exceptions and quantify your findings.

Who is Galvanize software for?

ACL Robotics software is designed for audit, risk and compliance professionals who want to invest in a sustainable solution. Do you want to know if ACL Robotics is the right solution for you? Then contact us and ask all your questions to one of our ACL experts!

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