Insight into VAT positions, where and when you want.

Many businesses struggle with insight into the correctness of the VAT position. Transactions are linked to incorrect VAT percentages, not all withholding taxes are processed timely and VAT payments are unnecessarily wrong. The tax authorities ask questions, fines are imposed and the noise increases rather than decreases.

Coney helps by providing companies with the necessary insight into their VAT position.
 Daily, weekly or monthly. We share these insights on computer, tablet and/or phone. Whatever suits your wishes.

Data Analyse

Wij ontsluiten de relevante data automatisch en periodiek uit jouw ICT-bronnen en nemen al het ingewikkelde data-analyse werk voor onze rekening.

Data Analysis

We automatically and periodically unlock the relevant data from your ICT sources and take care of all the complicated data analysis.


On your computer, tablet or phone, you can view your insights on a dashboard with data visualizations. Direct insight into taxable and payable VAT positions, at a fixed price rate per month.

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